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Issue Position: 10th Amendment/States Rights

Issue Position

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The primary mechanism for enforcing states rights is for the state legislature to pass legislation the effectively overrides national law. This method has been used ever since this nation was founded. Although it is not well reported in the media, this method of "nullifying" federal law is being used today in many states. I will join those states in the popular movement to re-establish the sovereignty of states in the face of unconstitutional federal law.

The following is a list of efforts that have been passed or considered in other states. I am a supporter of those efforts and will encourage and sign any similar legislation.

Firearms Freedom Act: I will join Montana and 11 other states in overriding national gun restrictions within Illinois.

Nullification of Real ID: Illinois already has joined 33 other states effectively nullifying the RealID Act.

Health Care Bill: Although six states failed to pass a law declaring the new Health Care Bill unconstitutional, Arizona and 6 other states are considering just such a bill. That law is unconstitutional and I support its nullification.

Bring the National Guard Home: Wisconsin and 6 other states have introduced legislation to bring the troops home because the undeclared war is illegal. I will not wait for legislation. I will use my authority as Commander in Chief of the Illinois National Guard to start bringing our brave soldiers home immediately. Please refer to my issues page for more information.

Constitutional Tender: Indiana and 3 other states have shown their concern about the unconstitutional and reckless Federal Reserve by introducing nullification of federal legal tender law. I wholeheartedly support this type of legislation.

All of the above information was compiled from the following web site:

I have taken the Tenth Amendment Pledge at that site and my pledge can be viewed at the following web page:

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