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Issue Position: Jobs for Illinois

Issue Position

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Something doesn't add up in the status quo. All across this great land, and increasingly for Republicans and Democrats, the status quo for job creation is public works. And the way to pay for public works is to raise taxes. That is the best solution our brightest legislative minds can come up with. We need a dose of common sense.

Most public jobs do not create a product. They do not add value to society; only administrate the general welfare at the cost of the taxpayer. Although many are necessary, most public jobs are a drain on the economy, because private citizens have support those jobs at a cost to their own finances. This is not to say that all administration is useless, only that the more you have, the greater the burden on the economy.

Public works jobs are a different animal. Because we need infrastructure improvements, "shovel ready" jobs add a modicum of value to the general welfare. But they do so with the same tax cost as administration jobs, so we don't really gain value overall, only move money from the private sector to the public domain. As important as such improvements are, that is not a good approach to job creation. Public works jobs, except for maintenance, are primarily one time projects, such as building a road or a school. Once built, we are back where we started from. The added value roads and schools put into society makes the project worthwhile but in terms of job creation, they are a costly and temporary solution.

It is in the private sector that value is added to the economy. Factories take raw materials, combine that with labor, and make useful items to sell. Service companies take skilled labor and leverage those skills in the market place to help customers and assist them in adding value. In reward for working in these jobs, workers take wages home for saving, putting food on the table, and sending their children to college.

The villain in this drama is a government that taxes too much. Have you ever heard the complaint "My take home pay won't take me home"? Workers net wages are less when taxed, causing them to spend less. Less demand lowers prices and cuts into profits. This causes a downward spiral as companies look for ways to cut costs and, eventually, payroll. When you add taxes on the businesses themselves, other states and countries begin to look good to the struggling companies.

This is Illinois today. Businesses and even people are leaving the state because of the burden of unrestrained spending by Illinois' politicians. It doesn't take a genius to see that what has been done in the past is hurting our state. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you will always get the same result. I want to make a very important but fundamental change. Let's lift the burden.

Let's get together and work for a prosperous Illinois. A business friendly state is a job friendly state. We can attract business by taking away the punishment that taxes success. Overall revenues will blossom when jobs are plentiful. That must be our goal.

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