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Issue Position: I Believe

Issue Position

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I BELIEVE…… the beliefs and values that motivated our Founding Fathers

I BELIEVE…… a free and decent society; a free and decent society of responsible citizens that respect notions that are especially indispensable in a modern and democratic society; notions of freedom, the rule of law, the importance of tradition, small government and the worth of strong families and education.

I BELIEVE…… a small and effective government; a limited government whose policies are based on the principles of the free enterprise system. A government who concentrates on its core functions and shows no favor.

I BELIEVE…… a government with a strong national defense.

I BELIEVE…… a government where taxes are fair and understandable

I BELIEVE…… American Exceptionalism and like Ronald Reagan, I understand American Exceptionalism. I understand America's greatness and I understand America's role in the world for the good. I too believe, as President Ronald Regan believed, that "America is a Shining City on a Hill, that we are blessed as a Special Light for all Nations".

I BELIEVE IN AMERICA…… a safe America where choices count; choices in health care, retirement and where everybody is afforded the opportunity to go as far as their talents, aspirations and dreams will take them.

IF YOU BELIEVE AS I BELIEVE……..I respectfully ask you for your support; for your vote. God Bless you and God Bless America…………………..Andy

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