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Issue Position: National Security & the Fight Against Terrorism

Issue Position

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We must remember that even while we have not had a terrorist strike on American soil since 9/11, the threat from Al Qaeda is real. To protect America against Al Qaeda we need a multi-pronged strategy.

We must fight this threat by

* Establishing a strong offense. Using all military and non-military methods to target and attack the terrorists where they are; never allowing them to set up shop where they can plot, plan and train.
* Improving our defensive capabilities. The attempted Christmas bombing exposed unacceptable flaws in our intelligence analysis capability. Those responsible must be held accountable. Their careers must depend on fixing this flawed system.
* Preventing the rise of future terrorists by equipping and training allies in the fight against Al Qaeda and supporting education and development in places where Al Qaeda seeks supporters.
* Charting a new way forward to build a military and diplomatic capacity capable of winning today's wars, preventing tomorrow's conflicts, and enhancing our ability to project power across the globe to support our allies and protect our values.

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