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Issue Position: Abortion

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The Miracle of God
When Ralph and Jennifer found out their second child was on the way it was a surprise. They were not planning another child and soon felt unprepared for the miracle already living. The excitement rushed over them at the thought of another little one. For the next several months they prepared and planned for the arrival of Elena, and they strove to make sure everything was ready for her. Her older sister, Kaitlyn, would ask when she was coming and talk to her frequently. The day finally arrived and everything seemed to be going according to plan until they got some concerning news.

A Father's Agony
While preparing for the birth that was shortly to happen Ralph and Jennifer found out that Elena was breached. She was upside down and the threat of her umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck was real and present. If the birth did not go well or if it took too long she could be strangled during the birth. For eleven minutes that stretched into an eternity of grief, Ralph stood by helpless begging God to protect his baby. Rarely is a breached live birth even attempted and often they are unsuccessful. These facts never left the mind of a Father who could do nothing but watch and wait with every desire to protect his child and no ability to do just that.

The Upside-down Baby
As Ralph witnessed one of the most successful births possible for a breached baby his sense of pride in his wife and devotion to God flooded him and moved him to tears. When he held his baby for the first time the fear and loathing that was present just moments before was wiped away and replaced with the cries of a hungry little upside down baby that was begging for her mommy. Ralph could only smile and thank God for his amazing grace to every parent blessed with the miracle of life.

A New Understanding of Abortion
Ralph has always been vehemently against abortion, but on that day a sense of urgency was placed in his heart for the millions of babies murdered each year in this country. The moments of his agony at the thought of loosing his precious Elena embedded a question that has never been answered "How could a parent ever choose this, and how could a country condone such a thing?" We need to recognize that the baby living inside the mother is a helpless and innocent life that needs protection. The proponents of abortion want the baby to be thought of as just a bunch of cells with no real viability of life. When a baby is not considered to be a baby then his death can be thought of as a procedure.

The Unborn Need a Champion
We need a servant who will stand tall and fight for the unborn and serve the smallest and most helpless of us all. We need a leader who is not afraid to call it murder and will fight to protect the child's rights and life as much as its mother's or father's. We need a leader who, as a parent, truly understands the urgency and priority of caring for God's little ones, especially for the ones waiting to be born. Ralph Shortey is the champion the unborn need.

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