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Issue Position: Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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The Number One Issue
In a day when we are faced with tremendous burdens both economically and morally, we must look at our part of the city and examine what it is that needs the most attention. There is no doubt in Ralph's mind that thing is illegal immigration. When we examine the things that we consider to be important issue facing south Oklahoma City, we see that the effect from illegal immigration plays a role in most of them.

Cause and Effect of Illegal Immigration

Public Safety
America has always been the land of opportunity, and as such has always attracted immigrants ready to start a new life and contribute to the fabric of America. Some illegal immigrants have come searching for that opportunity but with them have come others searching for a different opportunity all together.

Drug lords and gang leaders see our inability to deal with illegal immigration as an open opportunity to expand their evil doings. We see the effects of gangs and drug dealers crippling our law enforcement capabilities and creating dangerous areas throughout our city. Ralph is not afraid to say that these elements are terrorist in our city. They have corrupted our city. In the least the graffiti and neglect makes our city look bad. In the most, they commit drive-by shootings and kill without regard and destroy lives through gangs and drugs.

It is an unfortunate fact that Oklahoma City schools are suffering not only from physical neglect but also from low grades and early drop outs. The illegal immigration problem has overloaded our schools to the point of bursting and has put a burden on our teachers that no one could expect them to thrive in. There are simply too many students, most of whom are from illegal families, than we can support through taxes and physical space. The effect is that every student suffers and many drop out because they cannot become educated and they see it as a waste of time.

Similarly our hospitals are suffering the same problem as our schools. As more illegal immigrants flood our state they also flood the ER's and waiting rooms of our hospitals. Because of the compassion and unwillingness to see a fellow human being suffer, our hospitals treat and absorb the cost of those treatments. This is an undue burden on the hospitals and prices for treatments skyrocket for those of us who are law abiding citizens unwilling to get something for nothing, because in order to survive the hospitals must pass those costs onto those who will pay.

We Need Boldness
We need bold laws like that of the recently passed Arizona laws. We need a bold leader who will push the issue and get the support needed to deal with the issue head on. We need a Senator who will be diligent in pressing law enforcement to uphold the laws we have and make it easier for them to enforce them.

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