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I am a conservative Republican. My values and ideas come from a lifetime spent in our community.

Public service should be a noble but humble calling. I believe in visionary, results-oriented leadership that embraces innovation.

I believe in addressing the big challenges facing our state, and not passing them on to future generations.

I believe in a limited government that focuses our hard-earned tax dollars on core services that only government can or should offer. Our current state government is inefficient, and tries to do too much. Unnecessary lawmaking has burdened our families and businesses. But through strategic planning, our government can execute its core missions with efficiency and excellence. A more focused approach gives us the ability to address the real challenges facing our state.

A focused government can afford to do more with less. I will work to reduce income tax rates and guard against increases in the property tax. The leadership of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush reminded us that tax cuts stimulate our economy and promote the creation of jobs.

As the product of public education and the son of an educator, I believe that public education is a core government function. An educated citizenry is the foundation for all other successes we aspire to.

For those who choose the public education system, I support more efficiency, accountability, and choice. I will support the flexibility to do what works. I will support policies that nurture our most gifted young people, and policies that help all students reach their potential. I firmly believe that every student can succeed.

My wife and I were responsible for my grandfather's care in the last years of his life. His service to our country, our state and our family meant that serving him was an honor for us. I will take that same spirit to the State Capitol, and stand for issues of importance to our seniors and veterans.

I will support policies that encourage parents to choose life, and policies that maintain and expand the culture of life in Oklahoma.

The most significant improvements in Oklahoma's quality of life will come from economic growth. I will support policies that encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of jobs. I will fight for small businesses, as they are the driving force of our economy.

I will support safe roads and bridges, public safety and constitutional reform. I will support common sense policies that reflect our Oklahoma spirit of personal responsibility.

Our corner of the world is a special place. The values and ideas I have been blessed with here will come with me to the State Capitol.

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