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Blog: Simplifying Georgia's Tax Code for Families and Small Businesses


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Fair and equitable. Simple and straightforward.

Like most Georgians, these are not definitions I would attribute to our state's tax code. But today, we began the process of making real tax reform and simplification a reality.

This afternoon, I spoke at the opening meeting of the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians. The goal of this council is simple: transform Georgia's arcane and outdated tax code into a system that is more fair and equitable to taxpayers and it will enhance the state's economic prosperity and create jobs.

Georgia faces unprecedented economic challenges. But these challenges offer a unique opportunity to build an even stronger, more prosperous state.

The time for tax reform is now. Our current budgetary and economic challenges are compounded by our state's outdated and complicated tax system. The status quo is unacceptable.

At today's meeting, I called on the members of the Tax Council to seek innovative, reform-oriented solutions that lead to an economic growth and simplified and fairer tax system that lessens the tax burden on Georgians.

I also want to ask the same questions of you…

* What would you do to reform's Georgia's tax code?
* What changes would you like to see that help attract and keep jobs here?
* How would you guarantee a fairer, more equitable tax system for Georgia?

Post a comment here and I'll be reading your messages.

The time for innovative reform is now.

With your help, we have cut over $3.5 billion in government spending, rooted out wasteful and duplicative state spending, brought much needed openness and accountability to state government, and cut taxes for senior citizens and property owners.

Fundamental and comprehensive tax reform is the next step in transforming our state into a 21st century leader in job growth and economic development.

I look forward to your ideas and assistance as we push forward with our agenda of innovation and opportunity.

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