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Association of American Boyers, Inc. 100th Anniversary Celebration

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HOLDEN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the Association of American Boyers on the occasion of its 100th year anniversary.

In 1905, the Association of American Boyers held its first reunion in Dryville, Pennsylvania. The original attendees of that grand day have now grown to over 4,000 members. During the first reunion a mission statement was adopted which read "The object of this Association is educational, to hold reunions, and to foster, encourage, and develop the family spirit of the Boyer people."

A two-day celebration to commemorate 100 years of existence for the "Association of American Boyers, Inc." will be held Saturday and Sunday, July 24-25, 2004, on the grounds of the Central Pennsylvania College. On these dates Boyers from around the United States and various overseas points of destination will gather to celebrate their heritage, history, and family accomplishments.

The legacy of the Boyer name can be traced to the fourth and second centuries before Christ. Carrying the name of Boiare early settlers moved into Germany, France and England. Many variations of the Boyer name such as Bayer, Baier, Beyer, Beier, Byer and Bowyer arose in the years to follow.

Segments of these first "Boyers" came to the United States in the 1600's. Transition of some family members brought a Boyer presence to Pennsylvania in the early 1700's. Approximately forty Boyers had settled in Eastern Pennsylvania by 1775 and many served as soldiers under George Washington. Boyers have since spread throughout all of Pennsylvania, maintain large populations in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, New York, California, and Maryland and are present in some number in all fifty states.

Mr. Speaker, I invite my colleagues to join me in acknowledging the long standing history of Boyers and their impact since coming to the United States and thank them for the many contributions they have made to the growth of our great nation.

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