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Issue Position: Creating a Business Friendly California

Issue Position

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Our region's number one obstacle to economic development is the fact we're still in California!

Talking with business owners from Placer County to the Oregon border, they all have similar complaints about dealing with the State of California. We must address this anti-business climate if we expect our economy to rebound.

Excessive regulation, an overreaching bureaucracy and unrealistic policies based upon unsound science are all thwarting the businessperson trying to better their community and provide for their family. When the only expanding business sectors are moving companies and trial attorneys, its clear our state's dysfunctional policies need to change.

Reform must be systematic. Legislators should be spending more time on agency oversight rather than imposing more restrictions on our economy. Job-killers such as AB 32 give carte blanche to government bureaucrats and special interest attorneys who seek to stop progress and extort prosperity in the name of environmental concern. Policies to improve air and water quality must recognize technological limits and the economic costs of each benefit sought.

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