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Issue Position: DUSEL/Sanford Lab at Homestake

Issue Position

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Evolving the Study of Physics

What is it that brings together Dr. Frank Calaprice, a Princeton University physics professor; Dr. Barbara Szczerbinska, a Dakota State University physics professor, originating from Poland; Grey Hamilton; a 2008 Red Cloud High School graduate; and Sarah McMahon, a 2008 West Central graduate?

The answer is the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) / Sanford Lab at Homestake, a shared passion for physics, and scientists who believe that their role as teacher is critical for the future of science.

As a participating scientist in the April DUSEL planning session in Lead, Dr. Calaprice initiated the idea of having South Dakota students join Italian students at a summer school at Princeton and then at the Gran Sasso Lab in Italy. Collaborating with Dr. Szczerbinska and Kevin Forsch, the Governor's policy adviser, they made it happen for two very impressive young grads. Next summer, thanks to a grant from the 3M Corporation, 10 South Dakota seniors or college freshmen will participate in this month-long study at Princeton, Sanford Lab at Homestake, and the Gran Sasso National Lab in Italy. Worldwide scientists see the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab as "transformational" in the study of physics. We in South Dakota see these types of relationships created because of the DUSEL as equally "transformational."

While some of us may see the DUSEL as the rebirth of a once prosperous mining community, enthusiastic scientists see the Sanford Lab at Homestake and the DUSEL as the center of a revolution of the "new physics of the universe." ( As Dr. Frank Calaprice stated, "Physics is not done; it's alive." And he believes there are new "transformational" discoveries to be made deep underground in the Black Hills of South Dakota. These scientists and 3M absolutely believe that our students and teachers must be part of that revolution!

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