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Issue Position: Governmental Affairs

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

1. I continue to support the people of South Dakota in their long-standing commitment to reject personal or corporate income or estate taxes.

2. I support the continued review of federal, state and local taxation to protect the long-term economic viability of all people of South Dakota.

3. I recognize that government is primarily funded by the taxes which come from individuals and businesses. I will encourage government at all levels to operate efficiently, share services wherever possible and limit or reduce government spending when possible.

4. I support states' rights and oppose government mandates, especially those which do not provide the funding, or the means of funding, necessary to carry out such mandates.

5. I support a balanced state budget with the maintenance of an adequate reserve fund and support a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.

6. I support the construction, repair, maintenance and development of quality transportation infrastructure in a fair and equitable manner throughout the state.

7. I respect the American flag and support an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to protect our flag from acts of desecration.

8. I honor, respect and support members and veterans of our armed forces and their families.

9. I believe that parents, being the primary nurturers, are responsible for financial support, moral training, and discipline of their children.

10. I encourage the federal government to permanently eliminate the capital gains tax.

11. I support the permanent elimination of the marriage penalty in the federal tax code.

12. I support the permanent elimination of federal estate taxes.

13. I support efforts to provide increased retirement opportunities by allowing individuals to privately invest a portion of their Social Security funds.

14. I recognize that voting is the cornerstone of our republic. It is a right and a privilege, which should not be taken for granted, and must be treated with dignity. I support efforts to ensure a voting process that guarantees every eligible South Dakotan a valid vote.

15. I encourage dialogue pertaining to Article VI of the United States Constitution concerning treaties related to South Dakota.

16. I support the appointment of Federal judges that reflect the values of South Dakota.

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