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Issue Position: Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

1. I support a strong and viable economy for agriculture, our number one industry, with a strong emphasis on new technologies, labeling and value-added products that increase the value of our agricultural products.

2. I support free, fair and competitive markets, both domestic and foreign, for all agriculture products. I support allowing agricultural producers to use any and all business opportunities available. I believe free, fair and competitive markets are best for both the producer and the consumer.

3. I support conservation of our natural resources. I also support the continued development and funding of water resource projects that will enhance our economic viability and assure sufficient water quality and quantity in the best interest of our state.

4. I support a clean environment with fair and reasonable standards for maintaining clean air, clean water and a healthy environment through the application of technically sound management practices.

5. I support the mining, forestry, energy, and agricultural industries of our state, for their contributions to our economy and support the responsible multiple use of our public lands.

6. I support a responsible increased harvest of the Black Hills Forest to make a healthier, more sustainable resource that reduces losses from destructive forces such as catastrophic fires or insect infestations.

7. I support efforts to reduce losses to public and private lands from destructive forces such as catastrophic fires and infestations from insects, weeds and pests originating from public lands.

8. I support responsible waste management, which protects the environment and allows local units of government to make decisions for their communities.

9. I support the development of sound recreation projects throughout the state without adversely affecting agriculture, fish, wildlife and other natural resources and with due consideration toward property owners who have property affected by such development.

10. I support private property rights.

11. I support establishing a national process to identify the origin of meat sold for human consumption.

12. I support efforts to reduce the amount of sediment entering the Missouri River mainstream reservoirs and support the removal of sediment that has, or will, enter the reservoirs. American Indians and others in South Dakota with interest in the Missouri River should be involved in the decision-making process.

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