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Issue Position: 2nd Amendment

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

As a candidate for the 12th district one of the most common questions I am asked is my position on our Second Amendment.

I oppose any effort to infringe upon the right of the law-abiding people of Georgia to keep and bear arms. I will encourage the public's awareness of the principle that the best guarantee of liberty is a well-armed populace of good citizens.

When you read the Second Amendment it's meaning is clear to me. "Shall not be infringed," means "Shall not be infringed." Criminals will never abide by gun control laws; and armed, law-abiding Georgia citizens are no threat to public safety. The purpose for the Second Amendment, according to those wise Founding Fathers, was to guarantee that the citizens would be able to ensure the protection of their liberties and families -from any source whether it is bad guys, or encroachments upon our liberties by government.

My actions speak loud on this issue. Many years ago our 4 H club started a 4 H Skeet shooting team to teach safe gun handling and marksmanship. There are 21 young men and women who are active in this project today. I am a member of The National Rifle Association and Georgia Carry and have my own Georgia Firearms License. I support Georgia Firearms License holders, and will work to ensure that gun laws do not trample upon their rights.

When you can, read about what our founding fathers and writers of our Constitution thought about this issue.

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