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Issue Position: Transportation

Issue Position

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The current transportation funding system which allocates dollars based on congressional districts-not congestion-must be reformed. I support major reform of funding formulas and the D.O.T.

Who among us look forward to drive into Atlanta or to the airport? Not many I would say.

Go to other places in the U.S. and ask how far it is from one place to another and they likely will tell you how many miles between the two. Ask the same question around here and you will always get an answer that says how many minutes or hours it takes --not miles. The Atlanta commute has a national reputation, and not a good one at that. This impacts our local economy in a number of ways as well as our quality of life. The more we spend on gasoline, the less we have for discretional spending in our local areas. Some jobs move away from the suburbs and into the city to avoid the commute. Some factories and businesses choose other locations for new facilities so they don't have higher transportation costs. Metro Atlanta traffic has a huge economic impact on all of us. Can it be fixed overnight? Of course not, but properly appropriating transportation funds and giving grants to the right projects can certainly help. As State Senator I will do my part for Hall and Jackson counties to see that they are properly represented on all transportation decisions.

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