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Issue Position: Political Philosophy

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I am a 53 year old surgeon and love my work. I have never held political aspirations nor run for political office. I have decided to serve only out of my abiding concern about the direction of our country and state. I greatly fear that our children and grandchildren are on the verge of losing their birthright as Americans. That birthright was conceived by the founding fathers, and courageously defended throughout our Nation's history. It is the reason most of us, as descendents of immigrants, are here at all. It is the reason our ancestors came here: Liberty.

To me, Liberty means maximum personal freedom in tandem with maximum personal responsibility. Our ancestors viewed Liberty as the opportunity to succeed or fail based as much as possible on personal character alone. America, from its beginning, has appealed to those who crave liberty, and so they came. Love of liberty is in our genes. I fear that we are forgetting who we are.

The greatest threat to our Liberty today comes not in the form of foreign aggression. We have always demonstrated the readiness, will, and wherewithal to defeat this threat. The greatest threat lies in the ever increasing size and scope of our own government at the national, state, and even local levels. Liberty and government are a zero sum equation. Whereas the first duty of government is to protect and preserve our Liberty, we have seen it grow and insinuate itself into every area of American life. The balance between liberty and the size of government is the heart of a legitimate debate. It is clear to most of us, however, that our government is drastically out of control when it borrows from future generations in order to offer enticing guarantees today. We are witnessing this at the national level. Indebted, dependent people are not free. At the state level, we have recently seen the unwillingness of our state government to limit itself. In the face of difficult economic times, Santa Fe raised taxes.

There are very proper and beneficial functions of government. But government has grown so large, it has asserted a life of its own. It is no longer responsive to us. Today it determines what is best for us, takes ever increasing amounts of our wages, regulates us, herds us like cattle. We are being herded into ever narrower confines.

Government at every level needs pruning. The only way to limit government is to limit the money we feed it. We should never have entrusted to politicians the power to increase the amount of money government takes. We, the people, should specify in our state and national constitutions the maximum amount that government can take from our earnings. Elected representatives should be tasked only with how best to spend that money. Fortunately, deficit spending is illegal in New Mexico; wish it were true at the national level.

These are the principles I will employ in making all policy decisions as your state representative: smaller government, lower taxes, personal freedom and responsibility, free enterprise. Our hope must be that New Mexicans will elect many others who will be guided by the same ideals. I believe we are at a tipping point. Liberty will win or lose out in the next few years. Help me return New Mexico to New Mexicans.

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