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Issue Position: Taxes and State Budget

Issue Position

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If there is one thing the people of New Mexico should understand it is that we have enough revenue. We really don't need any more. Many people, even people who think of themselves as conservatives sometimes find themselves considering taxes on things they don't care about, or activities they don't engage in. Cigarette taxes, taxes on alcohol, "junk food" and many other specialty taxes are often floated as a "solution" to the budget crisis. They aren't. The solution to the budget crisis is the reduction of spending, and the elimination of wasteful or unneeded programs. New taxes, regardless of what they are assessed on, will simply be a means of producing more revenue which in turn will mean that legislators will merely spend it. New or increased tax revenue will take the focus away from budget reduction, budget review and spending accountability. You are taxed enough. We have enough money in state government to fund those things that are necessary. Increasing your taxes is simply unfair to you and to your family. David Doyle has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform. You can see David's signed pledge at

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