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Issue Position: Education

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DAVID UNDERSTANDS THE NEED FOR THE CHILDREN OF NM TO HAVE THE QUALITY EDUCATION OF THEIR CHOICE, AS WELL AS HIGH PAYING JOBS ONCE THEY GRADUATE It seems that every single week there's a new story in the New Mexico media about the lack of progress in our education system. More often than not the story is actually worse than that--our test scores are falling, or millions of dollars are missing, or unaccounted for, or taxpayer dollars are being spent for completely inappropriate things. And teachers' union and education establishment spokespersons always respond the same way: more money is needed. But more spending is not the solution What we need is greater parental involvement--an active role by the family in children's education. One way to increase that role is to provide the widest possible array of choices in education. Choice in education requires decision-making by parents and guardians. Decision-making requires families to study the options available to them, and ultimately leads to a greater buy-in on the part of the entire family. David Doyle does not believe there is a single magic bullet in education, but taxpayers deserve to be able to choose what is best for their children. It may be:
1. the public school closest to your home--the traditional choice for most families,
2. a different public school, outside your district
3. a magnet school--a public school with a specific curriculum focus
4. a charter school, operated independently, but under the public school umbrella,
5. a private school
6. homeschooling Allowing choice in schooling allows all families, especially low income families who are often at the greatest risk for educational underachievement, to become active consumers in the educational marketplace, helping them gain control over their children's education and encouraging them to become more involved.

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