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Issue Position: Healthcare

Issue Position

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As a businessman, and as a husband and father, David Doyle strongly opposes a government-run healthcare system. While we face a number of problems and challenges in healthcare delivery, especially with the escalating costs, turning these problems over to government bureaucrats and committees is not the best solution. There are many economics-based ideas that are better suited to address the problems we face.

Some of them are:
1) Tax credits, or some form of tax-based financial incentives, for individuals and employers who provide themselves or their employees with healthcare coverage
2) Opening up the purchase of insurance across state lines to encourage competition and lower costs
3) Allowing high-risk individuals with pre-existing conditions to pool together--also across state lines, to spread risk, and lower premiums
4) Passing lawsuit reform now. Abuses by plaintiffs' attorneys--often with little recovery for clients--cost many millions of dollars, perhaps billions, nationwide, and drive insurance premiums sky high. We have to have a legislature that understands that economics-based, or market-based solutions are preferable because they don't increase the public debt and they don't raise taxes on individuals or businesses--taxes that further hurt, or even cripple an already stressed economy.

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