Issue Position: Health Insurance Exchange

Issue Position

By:  Thomas Taylor
Location: Unknown

The new health bill sets a goal of 2014 for states to create health insurance exchanges. They work similar to the stock exchange where you hook up with your broker and decide what stock to buy and add to your portfolio. In a health insurance exchange companies place several health plans in the exchange and individuals buy the plan that suits them best. Employers simply provide the health insurance contribution for the employees to the exchange and then each individual employee has the ability to select the plan that best fits their situation. When an employee moves to another job, they take their policy with them. In Massachusetts they set up an exchange and it is operated by hundreds of people and has all kinds of ties to the state government. In Utah their exchange is operated by two people. I don't see why the government even has to play a role. Insurance companies with little effort could set up the exchange and operate it with ease. The exchange itself is a virtual entity. There is no need for new commissions and a plethora of new rules since we already have all that stuff. Just do it.

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