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Issue Position: Job Creation

Issue Position

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With the primary election over the lull before the storm settles on the land. So what is it all about this year 2010? All the polls are saying it's about jobs and so, much of what we will hear in the next few months will be about jobs. Around the country there are idle machines, empty offices and half-full warehouses as a result of the recession. Before there is going to be any expansion, we will have to fill up what has been vacated. So politicians will talk a lot about how to refill these lost jobs and start creating new ones. The fact of the matter is that government doesn't really have much to do with creating jobs. Yeah, we can pass out tax credits and stimulus packages but how much do they really do? Tax credits are a small part of the equation in business and my advice is to make sure your business plan works without them. Stimulus jobs are temporary and to continue the jobs it created you have to replace every dollar with other revenue.

Small business is what creates jobs and pays the lion's share of taxes to keep government going, especially those that create economic base jobs, which are jobs that bring all their dollars in from outside the community. Without economic base jobs communities stagnate and have little chance of providing enough commerce for any kind of growth. Government can only provide little tidbits of help in creating a job. Here in New Mexico we provide a fair array of incentives for business. Unfortunately at the same time we tend to make it as difficult as possible for business to be successful with a morass of rules and regs. The discussion I hear around the legislature gives me the impression that many view business as nothing more than a tax generator. The state has no idea how much time is donated by business in doing all the taxes for the state. Business has to figure the taxes, collect them and provide all the data requested in the process. It would be interesting to add up the hours business spends doing all this for the state and reimburse them, say, 20 bucks an hour. It is a huge number that is donated to an entity that has little respect for that effort.

The way to fix our fiscal problems is to increase the opportunity, especially for small business in New Mexico. Rather than higher taxes we should create more tax revenue at the same rate with more to collect it from. What government can do to create a job is grease the skids for entrepreneurs. All this other campaign rhetoric is simply that.

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