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Rep. Kirkpatrick on New Border Resources: Beginnings of Surge That Will Be Key Step to Getting Border Region Under Control, But More Required


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, Arizona's only Member on the House Committee on Homeland Security, today issued a statement in response to the Department of Homeland Security announcement of new personnel and resources being sent to bolster border security efforts:

"This is a move in the right direction, and one that would not be happening without our state's demands for action. Arizona has been pushing Washington to live up to its responsibilities along the border for years. Thanks to our work the federal government is starting to do what it should have been doing all along.

"This is the build-up to a surge of manpower and resources, which would be a key step to getting the border region under control. This is the kind of action we want from the Administration -- not suing the state.

"However, we should continue to move forward with a much larger commitment of National Guard troops right away and with an expansion of the Border Patrol to strengthen security for the long run. Once we are able to secure the border and protect our communities, we can have a serious and substantive debate about developing a national immigration strategy."

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