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Border Security is National Security

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. KIRKPATRICK of Arizona. Madam Speaker, Arizonans are tired of being let down by Washington on the border. For years, we have been calling on the Federal Government to start fulfilling its duties, and again and again, the Federal Government has debated, delayed, and stumbled.

By withholding funding for critical border resources in the Supplemental Appropriations Act, Congress is adding another black mark to its record of failure on this issue.

The fact is that border security is national security. The Federal Government has a responsibility to address threats to our communities, both abroad and at home. They are neglecting that responsibility with this bill. The House has previously accepted that expanding the border patrol is a necessary step to keep Arizonans safe. Why can't we find a way to get this done today?

Once again, lack of political will is being allowed to put our communities at risk. Folks have had enough of the culture in Washington that prizes scoring political points over solving problems. The people of my district and my State deserve better than this from Congress.

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