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Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. GRIFFITH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to revisit the subject of health care reform. The bill was passed behind closed doors using bribery, deceit, and arm twisting. It is not popular with the American people, and the majority of them want it repealed.

The promises made to the American people were false. You will not be able to keep your doctor. You will not be able to keep your insurance. There will be rationing of health care, even to the seniors.

The acute physician shortage means the poor, near poor, and middle class Americans will find the quality of their health care diminished and their access limited. Emergency rooms will be busier than ever, and it will be increasingly difficult for Medicare and Medicaid patients to be seen.

The unfunded medical mandates forced onto the weakened financial systems of the States are designed to collapse and fail. The administration had no intention of keeping any of the promises it made. Their only concern was furthering their own agendas, even at the expense of the taxpayer and the American health care system.

The American people stand ready to support those of us who seek to repeal this disastrous health care bill, and I stand resolute with my colleagues to do so.

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