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Issue Position: Liberty

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I am seeking to serve as Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma for one fundamental reason --- to advance your freedom.

I seek to serve as your Attorney General to make government less in your life. To give you more liberty. To give meaning to the Constitution.

Washington DC tells us that we possess freedom, yet the federal government defines the extent of that freedom through the regulations of unelected bureaucrats.

We are told we have property rights, yet we experience the government taking our lands via eminent domain for non-governmental purposes and curtailing our use and enjoyment of our own property via confiscatory environmental regulations based on junk science.

We are told we possess the freedom to exercise our religious beliefs, but only privately and within the four walls of the church.

We are told we possess the right to keep and bear arms, but only subject to the regulations of someone far away from us, unelected and unaccountable.

The most important and fundamental freedom -- the very freedom to be born, has for decades been dismissed by a hostile, imperial and unaccountable Supreme Court.

We are told that it is unlawful for you to not have health insurance, and that if you drive a car different than the one Washington thinks you should drive, you will pay a penalty.

Oklahomans deserve an Attorney General who will stand up to the Obama Administration that seeks greater and greater control your life. Oklahomans deserve and Attorney General who will stand unapologetically for the truths of the Constitution.

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