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Issue Position: Affordable Health Insurance For Our Families

Issue Position

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The current proposal of the Obama Administration is totally unworkable. It will either severely restrict access for individuals or the phenomenal cost will result in an astronomical increase in the taxes you pay. A single payer system by the government will have all the efficiencies of the postal service with the compassion of the IRS.

There are solutions to our on-going health care crisis, but they will need to come from the private sector. Government provided health care has failed in England, Canada, and everywhere else it has been tried. You need to ask the recipients of our Medicare and Medicaid programs, VA healthcare, and all other government provided programs if they like their results. Why would we think that a single payer, government system for all Americans would do any better?

In Georgia, we need to incorporate transparency and portability into a system that does not have exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

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