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Bucks County Courier Times - Toomey Speaks Before a Packed House

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Location: Unknown

By Bill Devlin

In a visit to Doylestown on Tuesday night, the US Senate hopeful blasted liberals and vowed to "take America back.''

If a political race were a baseball game, then Pat Toomey was pitching in front of the home crowd Tuesday night.

The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate was in Doylestown addressing a packed house at the Moose Lodge.

The event was organized by Kitchen Table Patriots, a group aligned with the Tea Party movement.

Toomey told the more than 200 people gathered in lodge's second-floor meeting room that he was "encouraged by their energy and passion."

"We are going to take America back," the former Lehigh County congressman said to rousing cheers.

Toomey characterized the current government in Washington as "the most liberal in the history of our country."

"They are making an attempt to turn America into a European welfare state," he said. "I got news for them - France is probably a nice place to visit but I don't want to be France."

Toomey said Democrat Joe Sestak, his opponent in the Senate race, has "supported the entire liberal agenda," claiming that the Delaware County congressman has voted with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "100 percent of the time."

"The people of Pennsylvania don't want to elect a San Francisco liberal to the United States Senate," said Toomey, referring to Pelosi's home congressional district.

Advertisement He praised the Tea Party grassroots movement, saying it will make a difference in American politics.

"We are going to have a stunning election this fall when the American people start to take back this country," he said.

Toomey responded to a handful of questions before rushing off to Lehigh County for another meeting. The questions centered on the following:

Illegal immigration: Toomey said the "fundamental problem with immigration is that the federal government has failed us terribly." Noting that he was the grandson of immigrants, Toomey said immigrants should be welcomed, but the immigration process "must be controlled and legal."

Health care reform: Toomey said he would support a repeal of President Barack Obama's health care legislation. Toomey did not discuss the reform in details although he said one thing he would do is allow people to buy health insurance from companies outside the state. "I can buy car insurance from a little green lizard, but I can't buy health insurance from a guy in Ohio."

Term limits: Toomey said that "it is unlikely I will serve more than two terms; however, I haven't committed myself to that as yet." He said only five percent of congressional races are competitive, creating a climate in Washington among legislators that makes them less concern about winning a race at home than securing more powerful posts among their colleagues in Congress.

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