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Space: Today, the Senate Finally Stopped Holding Hostage Ohioan's Ability to Provide for Their Families

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

50 days after crucial emergency unemployment insurance benefits for out-of-work Ohioans expired and began to dry up, U.S. Rep. Zack Space (OH-18) today congratulated the Senate on finally mustering the votes needed to extend this crucial safety net. Despite having the support of a majority of the U.S. Senate, Republicans had blocked the extension of emergency unemployment insurance from even coming to a simple vote.

"It's ridiculous that these benefits were a hostage of Washington political games for almost two months," said Space. "These Republican Senators should be ashamed that they let American families go hungry and fall behind on their bills so they could try and score political points. That's just outrageous."

"This is further evidence that our priorities couldn't be further apart on this issue, and I am proud to be on the side of my constituents and the American people," Space continued. "This is not a time to play politics with the livelihoods of our neighbors; this is a time to do what's right."

Since June 1st, when emergency unemployment insurance benefits first expired, Republicans in the Senate have denied over 2.6 million American Workers the benefits they need to provide for their families. These Senators have blocked even a simple vote on the measure, which already carries the support of a majority of the Senate. The House of Representatives has voted several times to restore these benefits, allowing Ohio families to get the help and resources they so desperately need.

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