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Wilson Votes for Commonsense Transportation and Housing Funding

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Charlie Wilson (OH-6) voted to pare down a major appropriations bill and helped focus the bill on creating boosting our economic recovery with investments in roads, bridges and homes. The Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Act for FY 2011 will strengthen our economy over the long-term by making key investments in improving our infrastructure. In addition, Wilson worked to secure a $700,000 project in this bill that will benefit Ohio's Sixth Congressional District.

"The Point Industrial Park Rail Development project in Lawrence County will rehabilitate portions of the eight mile rail loop that runs within the 504 acre Point Industrial Park," Wilson said. "Currently, the industrial park contains five businesses that have created more than 300 jobs for the Southern Ohio region. But, there's a need to improve and update the rail system that exists in that site. It is estimated this project has the potential of creating up to 30 part time construction jobs and another 40 full time jobs. I consider this an excellent investment in southern Ohio.

"I'm particularly proud that this important appropriations bill came in well below the President's proposed budget. And through the amendment process, we got the cost of this bill even lower," Wilson said.

In addition to the cuts that came out of the Appropriations Committee, the House passed and Wilson supported several amendments that cut millions more including: terminating the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) program for doctoral dissertation research grants on housing and urban development issues, saving $300,000; de-funding incentive grants to states to enact laws to make it a primary traffic violation for occupants to not use a seat belt, saving $50 Million; reducing the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Budget and Programs, Office of the Secretary, Salaries and Expenses, within the Department of Transportation, saving $1.6 million; and reducing funding for the Office of Policy Development and Research within HUD by $2,978,450--resulting in a 2.5% reduction in funding below the amount appropriated in fiscal year 2010.

To ensure that all Americans have access to housing and shelter as the economy regains strength, the bill increases funding for rental vouchers and housing assistance for some of the neediest Americans -- the disabled, the elderly, and homeless veterans. It also invests in measures to help families who are at risk of foreclosure stay in their homes and weather the mortgage crisis.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

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