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Issue Position: Better Jobs for Our Families

Issue Position

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Judson believes that Georgians are better off with a limited government, a culture of innovation, and with lower taxes and less government spending.
The Hill Plan for Better Jobs focuses on practical steps to recruit jobs to Georgia, improve economic opportunity and restore Georgia to its position of economic leadership in our country. Senator Hill works tirelessly to create an attractive business environment to promote job growth and build relationships around the state, nation and with international leaders.

In 2010 and 2009 Senator Hill advocated for the JOBS Acts which are designed to stimulate the state's economy by eliminating tax and regularly burdens that impede job creation plus offering incentives for small businesses to hire the unemployed. This legislation provides tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed individuals, provides tax credits against unemployment insurance, and would eliminate the inventory and intangible tax on businesses. Business owners must know that Georgia is a good state in which to start a new business and create jobs. These and other pro-jobs measures prove our commitment to job creation.

Senator Hill has been a leading advocate to crack down on those who take jobs from Georgians. In 2010 he introduced a tough new law to strengthen our immigration laws by imposing real fines on those who violate our laws by using taxpayers' money to hire illegal immigrants over Georgians on public works projects. It's wrong to continue to allow illegal workers to take jobs from Georgians who want to build roads and bridges and other government projects. The federal government's failure to enforce our immigration laws make it incumbent on states to take the lead otherwise Georgians will remain saddled with even higher health care, education and other expenses incurred from those here illegally and not paying their way.

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