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Castle Joins Bipartisan Group to Unveil Green Scissors 2010

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Targets Wasteful, Environmentally Harmful Spending

This morning, Delaware Congressman Mike Castle joined a bipartisan group of representatives and a coalition of leaders from the taxpayer, consumer, and environmental communities to unveil Green Scissors 2010, a report highlighting government programs and subsidies that are wasteful to taxpayers and harmful to our environment.

"Americans are calling loudly on Congress to make tough choices when it comes to spending and Green Scissors 2010 is a strong step in the right direction," said Rep. Castle. "With ongoing meetings of the President's Debt Commission, a $1 trillion deficit and $13.1 trillion debt, time is overdue to identify areas for spending cuts. If we can protect our natural resources and make a dent in our deficits, we will have done something very worthwhile."

"From logging in the Tongass National Forest and subsidies to the oil and gas industry, the report highlights policies that cause significant environmental harm and waste billions of taxpayer dollars," continued Rep. Castle. "While not everyone will agree on each recommendation in the report, Green Scissors serves as a model for how diverse interests can unite to benefit the nation. I look forward to working in a bipartisan manner to increase fiscal and budgetary responsibility by eliminating programs that do not serve the best interests of taxpayers or the environment."

Green Scissors 2010 targets four major areas for budget cuts: energy, infrastructure, agriculture and biofuels, and public lands, and identifies billions in dollars in federal spending that should be eliminated. The report also notes several recent, substantial victories in cutting the budget with Green Scissors.

Rep. Castle has supported past Green Scissors efforts, and has long been a supporter of reducing federal spending and balancing the budget and an advocate for environmental stewardship.

Since 1994, the Green Scissors Campaign, led by Friends of the Earth, Taxpayers for Common Sense, Public Citizen, and Environment America, has been working with Congress and presidential administrations to end environmentally harmful and wasteful spending. Working to bridge party lines, the Green Scissors Campaign has helped cut more than $26 billion in environmental wasteful programs from the federal budget.

Green Scissors 2010 can be viewed at

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