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Social Security

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker, in 1935, President Roosevelt and a Democratic Congress envisioned and passed a safety net for senior citizens and the disabled. We call it Social Security. It has worked well, and I cannot imagine what we would be as a Nation without it.

The cash flows of the fund will see a deficit in just a few years because of the aging of the baby boom generation. We will fix this problem, and hopefully, our Republican colleagues will work with us for a bipartisan solution.

In December, I'm confident that the President's fiscal commission will present well-conceived ideas. We must use their recommendations to develop a bipartisan solution to protect Social Security. When those recommendations are presented, bipartisanship must prevail. Partisanship must take a hike.

I am committed to doing my part and look forward to the commission's report.

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