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Ellsworth on Wall Street Reform Signing: Middle Class Hoosiers Investors Score Victory over Wall Street Lobbyists


Location: Washington, DC

Today, following the signing of the Wall Street Reform bill which will help protect Hoosier investors from having their life savings, 401Ks, and college funds gambled away by a few unscrupulous Wall Street executives, Brad Ellsworth released the following statement:

"Today's signing of Wall Street reform is intended to restore confidence for middle class Hoosiers who should now feel safe that their 401k's, life savings and kid's college funds won't be gambled away by a few on Wall Street looking to make a quick million on the backs of their investors who trusted them to look out for their best interests," said Brad Ellsworth.

"Hoosiers all across the state who were impacted by the Wall Street collapse told me that in order for them to feel safe investing their hard-earned money again, this bill needed to end taxpayer bailouts, make Wall Street accountable for their risky bets, eliminate unfair and deceptive practices that seek to confuse investors, streamline enforcement and consumer protections so Hoosiers know someone is looking out for their interests, shine some light on "shadow banks' that sought to fly under the radar of regulators and protect responsible Hoosier community banks that played by the rules. Despite the best attempts by thousands of Wall Street lobbyists, this bill accomplishes these goals, and it's a good first step to preventing another financial meltdown."

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