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Adler Campaign Email Knowingly Lies About Runyan

Press Release

Location: Mount Laurel, NJ

In response to an email sent out by Congressman John Adler's (NJ-3) campaign yesterday (see below) that knowingly lies about Jon Runyan's positions on the issues, Runyan pushed back today by calling Adler "a desperate career politician who will clearly say or do anything to get re-elected and keep feeding at the public trough."

Adler's email stated: "…my opponent (Runyan) opposes Wall Street Reform."

The truth is that Runyan clearly stated in a Philadelphia Inquirer story on May 18th that he supported financial reform, but did not support the specific legislation passed by Congress. There were a number of issues Runyan had with the measure Adler supported, including its failure to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Runyan repeated his stance during the debate on Michael Smerconish's Program with Congressman Adler sitting right across from him.

Adler's email also stated: "Jon Runyan also said that he would have voted for the wasteful bank bailout."

The truth is that in the early stages of considering a run last year, Runyan indicated to a reporter his possible support for the original TARP. However, Runyan long ago changed his initial position based on a significant amount of research he personally did into the issue, and has unambiguously indicated his strong opposition to the original TARP for months now.

Again, Runyan made his stance on the bailouts clear during the Smerconish debate (see link above). Congressman Adler even conceded that Runyan had changed his position, yet still chose to authorize an email lying about Runyan's position weeks later. What Adler also fails to mention is that in 2008, then State Senator Adler told that he, in fact, supported the bailout, meaning his position has also changed.

"John Adler can't win this race by running on his tax-raising record in Trenton, and he can't win this race by running on his big-spending record in Congress," said Runyan. "His only chance is to lie, lie again and lie some more. Unfortunately for him, whether it's smearing me or having his minions prop up fraudulent third party candidates to confuse voters, I am confident that people fed up with the direction of our country will see through his act and send him into retirement this November."

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