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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position


Defending and protecting our country against terrorism at home and abroad is of vital importance to our future safety and security. Defense spending must always be our top priority. We have an obligation to provide our troops -- who risk their lives on our behalf -- with the best equipment, training, and leadership. We must invest in the resources -- people and technology -- necessary to ensure that our military has access to the best intelligence so that they are able to immediately respond to any emerging threats anywhere in the world. We must continue to promote peace and democracy in Iraq. We must not let Iran develop nuclear weapons, under any circumstances, as the time for fruitless negotiations is over. We must also promote the defense and security of Israel.

Our military men, women and their families endure untold burdens and sacrifices so that the rest of us can live secure in the liberty and opportunity of America. It is our duty to ensure that our military heroes have access to the same kind of security and opportunities when they return home that we enjoy thanks to their service.

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