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Issue Position: Economy

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Increased government spending, high taxes, and ballooning deficits are slowly bleeding the private sector as the government takes a larger and larger role in our lives. Throughout my campaign, I will focus on a few key actions that must be undertaken to ensure our future growth and prosperity. These actions are the foundation upon which a strong and vibrant economy is built and must be at the core of any efforts to stabilize the economy.

* Cut spending

* Take government out of the private sector

* Reduce federal deficits

* Cut taxes

Capitalism and small government are the keys to job creation, opportunity, innovation and prosperity. With 10% unemployment, it is more important now than ever that we encourage private sector business innovation and risk-taking that are the driving forces behind job creation. Too often the government does the opposite and actively discourages private sector growth with high taxes and excessive regulations. High taxes steal limited resources away from private individuals and businesses to feed a bloated federal bureaucracy: every dollar confiscated by the federal government is one less dollar available to the private sector for investment in business expansion and job creation.

The $787 billion "stimulus" plan signed into law by President Obama with the support of John Salazar and Nancy Pelosi last year was certainly successful at stimulating government employment, federal entitlement programs, and liberal special interests, but unfortunately it forgot about the rest of America. I oppose any such attempts to pass misguided, big government "stimulus" plans in the future. The best economic stimulus for Main Street is to get government out of its way!

Government spending is entirely out of control: we TRIPLED the annual federal deficit in just the first nine months of FY2009 and the 2010 budget tops over $4 TRILLION for the first time in history. Symbolic of the reckless disregard with which politicians spend our hard-earned tax dollars are the political payoffs and personal pet projects -- known as "earmarks" -- included in any major piece of legislation. The prevailing Beltway notion that people are here to serve the government is a dangerous one that we must take every opportunity to challenge and refute.

It is imperative that we free our economy from the increasing control and manipulation of Washington politicians and bureaucrats. As Congress works to pass 2,000-page bills that spend too much, borrow too much, and tax too much, we must tell them enough is enough. It's time to bring some Colorado common sense back to Washington.

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