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Hodes Stands Alone to Oppose Earmarks

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, as Washington politicians from both political parties went to the House floor to support an earmark-filled bill, Paul Hodes stood firm on his pledge to end earmarks and reduce the debt burden on New Hampshire's middle class families. H.R. 4380, The Miscellaneous Trade and Technical Corrections Act of 2009, is a grab bag of tax breaks designed to benefit specific, individual companies in congressional districts throughout the country. Paul Hodes was the lone Democrat to vote no on these handouts, which were supported by nearly 90 percent of the House.

"Granite Staters are sick and tired of growing deficits, and these earmark-filled proposals send a terrible message that Washington still doesn't get it," said Hodes. "Earmarks that benefit specific companies and campaign donors are an abuse of taxpayer funds. Earmarks need to go, and even if I'm alone in this fight, I will continue to stand up against their abuse."

The Miscellaneous Trade and Technical Corrections Act of 2009 is a laundry list of earmark tax handouts to specific companies for their sole use on goods such as golf club heads, bicycle bells, and umbrellas. The bill passed the House of Representatives with the support of 129 Republicans and every voting Democrat besides Paul Hodes.

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