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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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As governor, Bill's priorities for health care will include fighting unfunded federal mandates, emphasizing personal responsibility and preventive care, making sure TennCare never again threatens the fiscal health of our state, passing meaningful tort reform, and leveraging Tennessee's thriving healthcare industry for job creation.

Bill will pursue every available option in order to prevent the damaging impact of federal healthcare legislation on our state. This legislation was poorly conceived, passed through Congress using shameful tactics, and forced on states that couldn't afford it. We need real reform that will use market principles to help lower the costs of health care while ensuring the U.S. healthcare system remains the best in the world.

As Mayor of Knoxville, Bill introduced measures into the city's health plan that incentivized personal responsibility and emphasized preventive care in order to improve health and lower the city's healthcare costs. Tennessee ranks near the bottom in a number of important health categories, including obesity rates for children and adults, smoking rates, adult diabetes, and childhood immunizations. As governor, Bill will look for ways to introduce personal responsibility into our healthcare system and emphasize preventive medicine in order to improve health outcomes in a cost effective manner.

As governor, Bill will control the costs of TennCare and work to stamp out fraud and abuse. He will make sure TennCare never again threatens to bankrupt our state, and he will curb abuses in the system by expanding the work of the Office of Inspector General. Bill will also push for tort reform. With a Republican legislature and Bill Haslam as governor, we can finally impose limits on noneconomic damages for malpractice suits and allow our doctors to stop practicing defensive medicine.

From the medical device industry in West Tennessee to the hospital management and health information technology industries in Middle Tennessee to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries in East Tennessee, Bill will work to build on each region's existing assets, grow jobs, and reinforce Tennessee's status as a leader in the healthcare industry.

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