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Issue Position: Education & Workforce Development

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Bill created thousands of jobs as a business leader, and he's recruited thousands more to Knoxville as Mayor. He understands what it takes to grow jobs in this state, and the single greatest hindrance to recruiting the jobs of the future to Tennessee is the quality of our education system.

As governor, he will focus on improving education and workforce development so that every Tennessean will have the opportunity to obtain a high quality job.

As governor, Bill's education strategy will focus on three key areas: the state's public K-12 education system, school choice and parental involvement, and workforce development.

Tennessee's K-12 education system is at a crossroads. Today, Tennessee students rank 41st on national tests, behind students from the vast majority of our neighboring states. In 2008, more than 28,000 students dropped out of high school in Tennessee. However, recent reforms and investments in Tennessee's education system have created a unique opportunity to turn our schools around and implement meaningful education reform that will benefit generations to come. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, Tennessee needs a governor with executive experience and the courage to stand up for reform. Tennessee needs Bill Haslam.

Bill understands that an important part of creating a world class education system in Tennessee is making sure parents are involved in the process and given as much choice and control over their child's education as possible. Parents understand the needs of their individual child better than the government, and those who choose to home school their children should be supported and not burdened by the government. Bill will also work to increase the number of high quality charter schools in the state, and as governor will support the removal of restrictions such as the cap on the number of charter schools allowed to operate in the state as well as restrictions on who can enroll in charter schools.

As governor, Bill will work to make sure every student graduates high school prepared for college or a good career. However, it can't end there. Today's economy requires workers to have more education and training than ever, and with Tennessee's low educational attainment rates, much work remains in order to prepare Tennesseans for a 21st century workforce. Bill has been traveling the state visiting community colleges, technology centers, and four-year higher education institutions to learn more about our workforce development strengths and needs. As governor, he will work to replicate best practices, create innovative partnerships, and ensure every region has a workforce development strategy.

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