Issue Position: Making Health Care Affordable and Accessible

Issue Position

By:  Roy Herron
Location: Unknown

Roy knows the importance of health care.

After injuries in World War II, Roy's father would not have survived without the wonderful care of doctors, nurses, and hospitals that helped him survive to walk and work again. And after complications during pregnancy, Roy and Nancy's twins would not have lived without excellent health care.

As a legislator, Roy has fought to improve our health care system by increasing access to quality care. Roy has served on, and chaired, committees addressing health care, including the General Welfare, Health and Human Resources Committee; the TennCare Oversight Committee; and the Select Committee on Children and Youth. He has sponsored legislation to expand access to generic prescription medications, and he sponsored the Tennessee Rural Health Act, which brings needed medical care to underserved areas while expanding access to higher education for those studying to become health care professionals.

Roy believes good health care is grounded in good stewardship of our resources -- using them efficiently to help those in need. Herron also believes we should protect those who work hard and play by the rules. Roy has authored laws to strengthen penalties against Medicaid fraud and protect whistleblowers who expose Medicaid and health insurance fraud.

Roy will work to make sure all Tennesseans have access to affordable health care while fighting fraud and abuse.

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