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Issue Position: A Strong and Free America

Issue Position

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President Reagan proved that a strong and free America is a deterrent to aggression and the true promise for peace. Meeting with officers and men at Fort Campbell, I am very concerned about our state of readiness. We have the best military in the world, but our resources are stretched too thin and we lack clear military objectives.

I will make supporting our military and veterans a top priority, especially a top budget priority.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, we need to listen to our generals on the ground. Military advisors tell me that our objectives should be clearer, that we need to achieve those objectives and get our troops home.

My position on military matters, as all others, will be based on the basic principle of a strong America being the best hope for peace. And that listening to our military officers and generals on the ground is the surest path to victory and bringing our troops home.

Homeland Security - securing our American homeland - remains a top national priority and I will work to protect our country through every means available. I oppose giving terrorists civilian trials, and closing Guantanamo Bay. This further endangers America, rather than strengthening it. National defense and Homeland Security should be the top priorities of the federal government.

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