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Flood Insurance Reform Priorities Act of 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SCOTT of Georgia. Thank you so very much.

I want to extend tremendous accolades to our chairperson, Ms. Waters, who has done just an absolutely excellent job on this bill.

Mr. Chairman, you know, there is nothing more devastating, more heartbreaking than for individual families to lose their homes and all of their possessions. And if there ever was a time that the role of government plays its most important role, it is to come to their rescue immediately, quickly, and help them to recapture their lives as quickly and to make sure that they have the insurance that is needed.

Nowhere has that been more devastating in terms of flooding than in my own district. As you all recall, many of you sent out prayers and best wishes. As you know, in my district, about a year ago, we had a tremendous flood, the worst flood in Georgia in this century, especially in the Cobb County/Douglas area where we lost seven lives.

This amendment, which will help to provide people the opportunity, that don't have to pay that insurance in one lump sum but will pay it in installments, will go a long way to helping them.


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