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Hoeffel Endorses Army Plan to Auction Off Tacony Warehouse Property

Location: Washington, DC


Washington, DC (July 22, 2004) - U.S. Rep. Joe Hoeffel (PA-13) today met with a delegation from the U. S. Army and received assurances that the auction of the Army's Tacony Warehouse property will be conducted with safeguards that will protect the City of Philadelphia's North Delaware waterfront redevelopment plans. City officials also have assured Hoeffel that they are pleased with the Army's plans. His statement follows:

"Today I met with a delegation from the United States Army led by Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Joseph W. Whitaker. After a detailed presentation by the Army, I am now satisfied that the auction of the Tacony Warehouse property scheduled for Thursday, July 29 will be conducted in a way that will fully protect the city's plans for the development of the property.

"I am concerned that an auction holds the potential for the property to be developed by a developer who does not share the same vision for the property as the city, local civic organizations, former Congressman Borski and I. For instance, we believe an acquisition by a land speculator or a subsidized housing developer would seriously wound the city's plans.

"Since the demolition of the warehouse earlier this summer, I have corresponded with the Army several times, met with them today and received assurances from city officials that they are comfortable with the plans. In particular, I have advised the Army that the Pennsylvania congressional delegation and I expect the Army to ensure that the warehouse property is reused consistent with the city's plans as I mandated in the bill that funded the demolition of the warehouse.

"I am now convinced that the Army's plans and the city's zoning are sufficiently strong to protect this important link in the city's redevelopment plans. This property is a critical piece of the North Delaware Redevelopment Plan and will be a model for other public and private development to come on the riverfront."

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