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Hastings Urges Senate to Pass Jobs Bill and Extend Unemployment Benefits Immediately


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-Miramar), Co-Chairman of the Democratic Caucus' Jobs Task Force, made the following statement calling on the Senate to take immediate action by extending unemployment benefits and passing an urgently needed jobs bill:

"It is far past time for the Senate to act on creating jobs by passing the necessary legislation to boost economic growth. Too many Americans are out of work, too many are waiting around for this Congress to act, and too many are fed up with a Senate that has been more interested in preserving tax loopholes for the ultra-wealthy than with ensuring that millions of Americans receive the unemployment compensation they need to feed their families and keep their homes," said Hastings. "The House of Representatives has funded a wide range of job creation measures. Now when will the Senate act?"

"Senate Republicans are committed to saying "No' to everything in hopes of derailing the Democratic effort to bring our economy out of a recession. But who they are really saying "No' to are the millions of unemployed Americans who cannot find a job and struggle to care of their families. While Republicans are spending their time trying to throw Democrats out of office, they are really throwing away the futures of millions of Americans who need Congress to pass legislation that will create jobs. I urge the Senate to act on House-passed jobs legislation, and if the Republicans insist on keeping America down so they can rise up, well then I say let them tell that to struggling Floridians in my home district."

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