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Issue Position: Energy Solutions

Issue Position

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"America possesses the technology and the resources to power our own future. We need to fully utilize our free market system to reduce our dependence on foreign sources." -- Ron Johnson

Ron will work to safely increase domestic production of oil, clean coal, natural gas, nuclear and alternative energy. Roughly 60 percent of America's oil is imported from other countries, which creates both security and economic threats to the nation.

Ron opposes the job-killing "Cap and Trade' bill which is a crippling national energy tax. Cap and Trade legislation could cost an average Wisconsin family as much as $1,600 per year and would put Wisconsin businesses at a huge competitive disadvantage, damaging our economy for many years.

As a manufacturer, Ron knows first-hand how rising energy prices, over-regulation and high taxes can negatively impact the ability of a business to remain competitive in the global economy. States like Wisconsin, which rely heavily on coal-generated power, are at an even greater risk with the threat of costly energy taxes and increased government mandates.

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