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Issue Position: Improving the Economy and Creating Jobs

Issue Position

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"We are tired of politicians that have virtually no experience working in the private sector, no experience creating jobs, and no understanding of what it takes to deal with the rules, regulations, and taxes that they impose on the rest of us." -- Ron Johnson

As our next US Senator, Ron will work to create a jobs friendly environment by reducing and simplifying taxes and regulations on business. He opposed the Wall Street bailout and the $862 billion stimulus bill. Ron does not believe the federal government is capable of picking "winners and losers' and should not remove capital from the private sector to create more government programs and jobs, which are unsustainable.

Government doesn't create jobs -- the private sector creates jobs. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and represent roughly 98 percent of employers. They are being punished with higher taxes and regulation that stifle new growth, development, and productive investments in our communities.

Russ Feingold has little or no experience creating private sector jobs. His vote for the $862 billion failed stimulus bill is a prime example of a career politician, crafting policy that is ultimately detrimental to America's economic future. Three days before the passage of the stimulus bill, Feingold issued a press release stating 2.4 million jobs would be created in the first year and 9 million jobs would be created over 3 years. Instead of creating new jobs, our nation has lost over 2.5 million jobs and unemployment remains near double digits.

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