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Never Forget How We Got Into This Economic Mess

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. KAGEN. Mr. Speaker, let us never forget, never forget how we got into this economic mess. It was the losing Republican ideas that brought forward an economic policy that drove our economy into the ditch, and now they want the keys to the car back. But after driving our economy into the ditch, we cannot allow that to happen.

What did they deliver? Two wars at the same time without paying a dime, a $400 billion handout to big drug companies, helping to ship our jobs overseas, an $8 trillion loss of wealth in our housing bubble as we crashed into a deep recession.

We cannot allow them to have the keys to this car again. We are beginning to turn this economy around. We are rebuilding America, job by job, block by block and city by city.

We need to work together in this, but we can't go back to those failed and losing policies of the past.

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