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Declaring Genocide in Darfur, Sudan

Location: Washington, DC

DECLARING GENOCIDE IN DARFUR, SUDAN -- (House of Representatives - July 21, 2004)


Mr. HOEFFEL. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding me time and applaud his leadership on this issue.
I am honored to stand with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle tonight to declare that the ethnic cleansing occurring in the Sudan is in fact genocide, to demand that the world recognize that it is genocide, and to urge the United Nations Security Council to take the necessary action to stop the violence and to get humanitarian aid to Darfur Province immediately. There is not a moment to lose. We must act now.

I would also urge my colleagues to consider the additional step of joining the protest that has been under way at the Sudanese embassy for the past 3 or 4 weeks and to consider whether an act of civil disobedience in furtherance of the declaration of genocide and in furtherance of immediate humanitarian aid to Darfur Province would be appropriate to be taken and whether it would meet your standards. Because the world is watching what we do. We failed to act when tragedy struck Rwanda. We cannot fail to act again.

I would add to the excellent congressional resolution of the gentleman from New Jersey (Mr. Payne) and the fine work of all my colleagues the necessity to take individual acts of civil disobedience, to protest the unresponsive Sudanese government that is unleashing this terror, this genocide, on innocent civilians, failing to admit what they are doing, and not allowing humanitarian assistance to come to the aid of these innocent millions of people.

The time to act is now. There is not a moment to lose.


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