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Issue Position: Homeland Security and Defense

Issue Position

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It is the Constitutional duty of Congress to provide for the common defense of our nation. The safety and security of Americans must be the Federal government's top priority.

In our efforts at home and abroad, we must support our troops by fully funding their efforts. If we don't fulfill this most basic and importance promise, we should bring them home. These are dangerous times and we must not play politics with the lives of the young men and women who defend us. Our obligation does not end there. We must provide the best possible care for our veterans, active-duty military and their families.

To protect our homeland, it is vital to adequately fund our intelligence agencies and first responders and give them the tools they need to protect Americans.

We must also secure our borders and strengthen our intelligence laws in a post 9/11 world.

We are involved in a global war on terrorism. We cannot simply defend our homeland while those who seek to harm us organize and strengthen abroad. International terrorism and rogue dictators threaten our allies and our citizens who work and travel abroad. For the sake of future generations of Americans, we must be proactive in defeating those who wish to do harm to our nation.

Our weakened economic situation has serious national security implication as well. Our dependence on China to finance government spending unnecessarily limits our options on the international stage. So too does our reliance on foreign oil.

We must pursue energy independence with all options on the table -- wind, solar, clean coal, nuclear, and American oil because our national security depends on it.

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