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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Education is one of the most important issues facing our country. To be competitive in a global market we need the best-educated students.

I believe that local school districts and States know best how to teach our children and I will work to ensure that schools have the flexibility they need to teach the next generation.

I will return the focus of our education system to its rightful place: students. Currently, we spend more money on education per child than any other country in the world, yet our students rank 19th out of 20 in international achievement tests. Clearly, a solution to our nation's education problems must go beyond funding to include reforms that minimize the influence of special interests and policies that encourage parental involvement and innovations in the field of education.

I believe a strong economy goes hand-in-hand with strong schools. Our current economic climate has put a strain on our public education system. Establishing pro-growth economic policies is the best way to generate the necessary funding for education and teacher salaries.

Education doesn't end with high school graduation. The cost of attending a university or technical college continues to rise and the rate of unemployment for recent graduates is at an all-time high. I will work to create a business climate that encourages job creation so our graduates can work and live right here in Wisconsin.

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